Michala Shoot

It was a glaringly sunny Sunday on the 23rd of April when Michala and I met up at the Memorial. Despite the harsh sun we decided to make the best of it and once we started shooting the creative ideas never stopped flowing. This was one of the best shoots I've ever been on. So much variation and artistry. Michala if you're reading this you are an absolute champ. Enjoy!

Merritt Shoot

An assortment of shots from a shoot with the absolutely stunning and fantastic Merritt Whitley. With different wardrobes and style choices the variation of shots we got was awesome! Her boundless energy and my ability to capture it made for an amazing day of shooting. By the end we were both a little tired and her pants were covered in chalk but it was totally worth it. Shoots with amazing people like Merritt is why photography is my passion. Enjoy the results :)

Christine Photo Shoot

A collection from a shoot with the lovely and talented Christine Anna. We spent the afternoon exploring an abandoned hospital. All the rustic and decaying architecture made for an excellent backdrop for these stunning images, it helps to have an equally stunning woman. Thanks gain Christine. Enjoy


AbAndoned Arena (Kansas City)

Kemper Arena used to be the pinnacle of the live entertainment here in Kansas City. It housed a multitude of different sports teams including the short-lived Kansas City Kings. Within the last 10 years the Sprint Center was built and took the place of this arena as the go-to spot for live entertainment due to it's more centralized location.

Me and my dad went and walked around the arena's desolate halls and rooms. There's something isolating about how it feels to be in such an expansive venue with just two people and the occasional security guard. There are ghosts of previous happenings evident all over the place. All of the facilities are still state of the art but the city doesn't use them anymore. It's kind of sad really. Glad I got the opportuinity to go in with my camera before it gets an overhaul. It's a true relic of the 70s

Jacob Lowe Photo Shoot

Hey guys! This shoot was my first shoot with the Sony Alpha series. We went downtown in Kansas City and just wandered around trying to find good spots to take some pics. It took way too many of course and narrowed it down to these select few. It was a blast shooting with Jacob! (Instagram: Jacob_lowe_97) he is a person I am honored to consider a friend.

Our shooting locations for this included the Arts District, a few downtown streets that I can't recall and the River Market. This shoot also served as a scouting experience so I know of some good places to go the next time I have a shoot. Thanks again Jacob :)